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Sustainable. Resilient. Reliable

Meeting Calgary’s
Heating Demands

Centralized, high-efficiency thermal energy production

What We Do

Energy Generation and Distribution

Calgary District Heating supplies thermal energy for space heating and domestic hot water to connected buildings from our central plant and distributes this energy through a network of underground, insulated pipes. By utilizing high-efficiency industrial builders and our Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit, we provide Calgary’s East Village and Downtown core with one of the most sustainable, resilient and reliable heating alternatives.

Calgary District Heating Statistics

Highly Efficient Energy Delivery

Calgary District Heating currently supplies thermal heat to 22 buildings
via our Thermal Distribution System throughout the downtown core and East Village.

Achieved a seasonal efficiency of over 100% in 2022.

Heating over 6 million square feet of commercial, residential, and institutional space in Downtown Calgary and East Village with capacity to serve upto 15 million square feet.

55MWt of thermal energy generation coming from four high-efficiency natural gas-fired boilers.

3.3MW of the electrical and thermal energy generation coming from our Jenbacher J620 Combined Heat and Power Unit.


99.999% up-time since the plant was commissioned in 2010.

24/7/365 real-time operational monitoring by Class 3 power engineers.

Green Energy Transition

Our Path to Net-Zero Heating

In order to keep pace with our corporate, current and future customers, and municipal government ESG goals, it is vitally important that low-to-no carbon thermal energy generation becomes part of the solution. By utilizing new technologies and less carbon-intensive fuel sources, Calgary District Heating Inc is one of the quickest paths to net-zero heating in Calgary.



Our Green-Tech Transition

We are actively exploring the implemenation of green-tech options to decarbonize our business and the community which include:

  • Electrification of heat powered by Solar PV
  • Hydrogen Blending
  • Sewer heat recover
  • Heat pump utilization



Green-Tech Integration

In 2023, we are focused on integrating these new Green-Tech options into our existing operations to further lower our carbon footprint through pilot projects and full-scale integration of low-to-no carbon technology.



Net-Zero Thermal Energy

As part of our energy transition, we are working closely with our customers, and the architectural, engineering, and building owner/developer community to achieve carbon low-to-no carbon production to warm homes, offices and public spaces in the community.